What Equipment Is The Servo Motor Used For And How To Choose

- Feb 28, 2019-

What equipment is the servo motor used for and how to choose

The servo motor I have seen is applied to CNC machine tools and robotic arms. Because our company started with machine tools, we are not doing machine tools now, and we are doing environmental protection. I am also environmentally friendly.

Seen in the field, used for secondary transportation of garbage. This can also be extended. For example, the robot arm uses a servo motor, and the robot is definitely used. The robot arm is also used in the automotive industry, etc.There are also applications such as the textile industry.

Then let's talk about why the servo motor is used in CNC machine tools and robot arms. In simple words, the servo motor is positioned accurately with an accuracy of 0.001 mm. For CNC machine tools and robot arms.In terms of positioning accuracy, the most important is because the quality of the production, the servo motor can adjust any angle, speed and torque control, which are required for the machine tool and the robot arm.Nowadays, the application of the robot arm is more and more extensive, it can work continuously, and there are few errors, so the quality of the product is getting better and better.

Servo motor selection generally starts from several aspects:

1, the maximum speed of the motor, this is related to the travel time of the machine, that is, the running speed.

2. Inertia matching and load inertia are related to the stability and accuracy of equipment operation.

3. No-load acceleration torque, which relates to the speed of the motor from zero speed to rated speed.

4. The load torque, for example, the cutting load torque must not exceed 80% of the rated torque.

5, continuous overload time, overload time should be controlled within the allowable overload time range of the motor is the economic, delivery, quality assurance and other aspects of consideration.

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