When Does The Servo System Need Feedback

- Mar 04, 2019-

When does the servo system need feedback?


 It is a feedback control system itself and is a closed loop control. Its working process is to work according to the artificially set target parameters, such as position, speed, torque and other controls.

The basic composition of the servo control system consists of four basic steps: servo controller, servo motor, controlled object, and encoder.


People are also a closed loop control system. If you take the weather, the goal is not to rain or too much sun, the target value in the closed-loop control.How to judge whether it is raining or too much sun, then the eye can get accurate information. Then the accurate signal is transmitted to the brain through the neural network, and the brain makes a judgment after thinking and analyzing whether it is with or without an umbrella, and what shoes to wear.After making an accurate judgment, our hands and feet will be executed, with or without an umbrella, or wearing rain boots or sneakers, all have brain decisions.The brain stops working only when you sleep, and the feedback process stops.

The same is true for the servo control system. When it is powered on, it performs feedback work all the time to ensure that the physical quantity of the work process is controlled, such as position, speed, and torque do not deviate from the set target value.The servo controller in the servo control system is equivalent to the human brain, the servo motor is equivalent to the human hand and foot, and the encoder is equivalent to the person's facial features.For people, the complexity of closed-loop control is unmatched by servo control systems.

I don't know what you mean by feedback. The encoder can emit X.Y.Z three kinds of pulses X.Y has a phase difference of 90 degrees. The motor encoder emits 130,000 pulses. The general role is to adjust the motor in a reasonable state, balance the load, ensure the number of revolutions, reduce noise ~, there are three control methods. position. speed. Torque. For example, when the simulation position is 30000. The encoder output is 0, the differential is the largest, and the base set is controlled.

Give the inverter signal. The servo motor speed is the biggest!

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