Why Does Stepper Motor Need A Stepper Drive To Work

- Nov 02, 2017-

Why does stepper motor need a stepper drive to work

Stepping motor as a control of precision displacement and a wide range of special speed motor,its rotation is based on its own inherent step angle (decide by rotor and stator mechanical structure) step by step operation,which is characterized by every rotation step,step angle is always the same,and maintain accurate location.So no matter how many times the rotation,there is no accumulation errors.As the control method is simple,low cost,widely used in a variety of open-loop control.

The operation of the stepper motor requires a pulse distributed power-type electronic device to drive,which is the stepper motor driver.It receives the pulse signal from the control system,according to the structural characteristics of the stepper motor,distribute pulses in sequence,to achieve control angular displacement,rotation speed,rotation direction,brake loading state,free state.Each pulse signal is generated by the control system,and the stepper motor can be driven by stepper drive to rotate a step angle.The speed of the stepper motor is proportional to the frequency of the pulse signal.The angular displacement is related to the number of pulses.When the stepper motor stops rotating,it is possible to generate two states: Brake loading can produce maximum or partial hold torque (commonly known as brake hold,no electromagnetic brake or mechanical braking) and the rotor is in a free state (able to easily rotate by external force).The stepper motor controller must match the model of the stepper motor.Otherwise,the stepper motor and the drive will be damaged.

Stepper motor can be used based on control system which is composed of double ring pulse signal,power drive circuit and other.The stepping system includes a power supply,a control device (launch pulse),a stepper driver,a stepper motor. 

Stepper motor to achieve precise positioning,to go to position,rely on control equipment,control equipment can be PC,it can be plc too,because the stepper driver only know the pulse signal.

The stepper driver in the stepping system,is to convert the pulse signal to current signal to drive motor movement.In fact,the drive is a DSP system,to achieve digital signal and analog conversion.The voltage control,only to control the high / low performance of stepper motor,and can not rely on voltage to achieve precise positioning.The stepper drive is not a programmer,it's just the drive unit,and like CD-ROM drive.Programming control is for the control unit.Subdivision is a trump of high-performance drive now,to identify how high frequency signal,how high resolution,the overall stability of the stepper system,rely on micro-step.

Stepper drive internal circuit is a amplifier circuit,but if the drive is only amplified,then how to control the signal?So there are control circuits and so on.It can be said that the stepping drive is the key to stepping system now,if want to have a stable stepper system,then better choose a high-performance stepper drive.ECON company's stepper drive are all digital micro-step high-performance,our products are widely used in various industrial machines.

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