Planetary Gearbox

Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearbox is the kinds of reducer to use with AC/DC servo motor,step servo motor and stepper motor.PLF60 means that the reducer can be use with the frame size around 60mm,like suitable with our company 60 series servo motor,EC60 series easy servo motor,EO60 series stepping motor.The series gearbox has different ratio to use with various speed request.

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Product Details

Reducer Feature

For coaxial square flange output, with high precision, good rigidity, large bearing capacity, high efficiency, long life, low noise, light volume, beautiful appearance, convenient installation, accurate positioning and other characteristics, suitable for AC servo motor, DC servo motor, stepping motor


Reducer Applications

CNC machine tools, plasma/flame cutting, welding equipment, textile printing and dyeing machinery, packaging machinery, food machinery, plastic machinery, electronic equipment, engineering machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum machinery, Marine machinery, construction machinery, glass machinery, mechanical arm, robot, medical equipment and other applications.

The planetary reducer can be assembled with any motor (such as panasonic, yaskawa, mitsubishi, Siemens, Fuji, delta, estun...). it can be customized to match the customers motor

Part Number:      

ELF 60 -L1-3-S2-P2

            ELF---ELF series

60---Frame size:60mm

L1--- Stage 1

3---Gear ratio:3:1

            S2---Shaft with key(S1:non-key)

            P2---Stardard Precision







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