Planetary Gearing

Planetary Gearing

Planetary gearing reducer is the gearbox kit to help controlling speed of the servo motor,stepping motor and easy servo motor .ELF120 is the planetary gearbox that use for above listing motor which are flange size 120mm, nema34,nema42.The ratio can be selected from 1:1 to 1:1000 which are based on the demand of CNC machine requirement.

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Product Details

Gearheads Dimension(UNIT:MM)


Planetary gearing reducer Model Number Description

Part Number:      

     ELF 120 -L1-3-S2-P2

          ELF---ELF serie

                120---Frame size:120mm

 L1--- Stage 1

       3---Gear ratio:3:1

                                 S2---Shaft with key(S1:non-key)

                                         P2---Stardard Precision


Planetary reducer Ratio Details




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